The beach bar is located in the area of Marathon, built on the sandy beach of Schinias Bay. What was sought was the design of a low cost, functional building, integrated in its natural environment, ensuring protection from the sun and North winds, and in touch with the beach and the sea.

The general layout is austere with clear geometric elements and consists of two units – the functional / auxiliary spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, changing room and storage) and the bar and restaurant.  The basic principle of the composition results from the functional separation of the two units and their slight rotation according to the plot borders, the orientation, the wind, and the views. The large openings and the shadow of the pergola, as it is complemented by that of a mature pine tree, contribute in dissolving the boundaries between built and natural environment. At the same time the pergola elongates the facade facing the view and the sea and acts as an extension of the restaurant.

The unusually light, for Greek construction standards, wood structure was not only chosen for its low cost and high speed of realization but also for its sustainability and its harmonious relation with the environment. - See more at:

A beautiful ecological park with respect for the natural environment.

wands construction sling
wands sling beach
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wands construction
wands construction
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wands construction sling beach