Pricing Policy

The final cost of a WandS quality construction, is formulated by your choices in materials and work, location and accessibility to the site of construction. WandS designs, plans and makes all necessary measurements to determine the exact materials and amount of work requirements. In other words, the cost is not determined per square meter of housing but rather from the work and materials determined to carry out the project. 

With responsibility and consistently we guarantee the best quality for price.

The price per square meter increases:

  • For small scale home,
  • For special construction projects
  • Τhe difficulty or access cost to the location of construction
  • The technical difficulty of the architectural design 


The price per square meter decreases:

  • For large scale homes
  • By the simplicity of the construction
  • In case the construction location is within our region – Chalkida or Megara 


New Pricing  and Deliveries Policy 2018-2019

Our company informs you about the new pricing and deliveries policy for the season 2018-2019.  

Since 1999 that we operate with deliveries of more than 300 buildings, homes and business premises, we have not experienced unhappy customers, due to honesty and professionalism. Of course, in so many years of operation, we made some mistakes, but we corrected them with conscience.

However, obviously due to the economic crisis in Greece, the debts and unfulfilled obligations of our customers towards the business have increased.

For this reason, we have decided to deliver materials and constructions after they have been paid off. If there is insecurity on the part of our customers, the goods or constructions will be available for demonstration and every inspection in our warehouses. However, in order to be loaded and assembled in our customers' area they must have been paid in full.

Our offers and contracts will be adapted to the above policy from now on.