Commercial Eco Buildings

Εμπορικά Κτίρια και βιομηχανικές αποθήκες απο Ξύλο


Building sector remains the largest and worst energy consumer, emissions’ and carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter throughout Europe.

The cost of the energy misuse, rapid climate change, global economic recession and other sufferings deteriorate the sustainability of the environment and our quality of life, demanding a shift to the design and construction of energy efficient buildings.

WandS pioneer in the conception and implementation of rational management practices regarding energy capital through bioclimatic design in construction, the use of resistant and flexible components and systems as well as their creative combination.

Due to its knowhow and experience, WandS is able to propose integrated solutions for commercial buildings of any scale, including:

  • Shopping centers & shops
  • Production & storage spaces
  • Exhibition and conference rooms
  • Public and private office buildings
  • Industrial units of all sizes
  • School units


WandS eco-friendly construction techniques regarding commercial buildings, result in:

  • the reduction of the building’s energy requirements
  • "breaking free" from conventional fuels (e.g.: oil) and obsolete heating, lighting, hot water and cooling facilities
  • upgrade of thermal comfort level, living quality and activity of their users  leading to an increase of productivity
  • reducing emissions
  • energy management of each building