Rising prices on wooden houses

WANDS UPDATE 01/04/2021

Dear partners,


We would first like to thank you for our sincere cooperation and the trust you show in our company.


The demand for wooden ecological buildings is growing exponentially. Life changes due to Covid 19 have a positive effect in the field of 'healthy' constructions.

People are starting to invest more for their own comfort in life, building permanent and holiday homes with wood.

The interest for healthy and safe living is growing!


This positive development has also a negative side due to the increased demand for raw materials.

The price of timber and sawn timber continues to rise daily. The forecast for the price of sawn timber in the fall of 2021 is still 30% higher than in 2020, while for glue laminated timber the increase is around 50%.

One of the most recent reasons is the high increase in materials exports from Europe to the US.

The constant price increases of the products you all know due to the increase in the price of raw materials (timber, copper, bronze, etc.), the high shortage of timber in Europe as well as the rapid and steady increase in prices in the transport sector, force us to proceed with the restructuring of the costs of our buildings for all new contracts.


Indicative increases in new contracts are in the range of 12-16%.


We ask for your sincere understanding, hoping that the current situation with the pandemic will be overcome as soon as possible and that we will all return to normalcy.




WandS Team